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Burial Caskets

Don't overspend when planning a funeral.

Funerals are Expensive.

By almost any measure, funerals are expensive. According to statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association, the national median cost of a funeral with a metal casket for 2012 was $7,045.00. And, this cost does not include a limousine, motorcycle escort, cemetery costs, monument or marker costs, or other outside charge items, such as flowers and obituaries.

Why Have A Casket At All?

Just remember, no matter how much is spent, no casket will cause human remains to remain intact indefinitely! All caskets perform the same function: They act as a receptacle designed to allow the dignified display of the deceased during the visitation and funeral ceremony, and as a protective container to hold the deceased after burial. In an attempt to lower funeral costs, some families may investigate third party providers, such as casket stores, internet casket retailers, or cemeteries, which offer caskets at reduced “sale” prices, leading one to believe that when the family goes to the funeral home, the funeral director's charges will be minimal.

Investment and Overhead

Because the casket is the largest tangible item visible when arranging a funeral, most families conclude that it is the major cost component in the price of the funeral being arranged.

Not so! The costs which most influence the price of funeral service are investment and overhead. Funerals are a service, provided by highly trained personnel, who are required by the State of Ohio to be college educated, certified and licensed by the state, and who are always on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using specialized facilities, equipment, and vehicles.

The typical funeral director has invested hundreds of thousands (in many cases, millions) of dollars into his or her mortuary facility and motor vehicles. Payroll expenses, facilities acquisition and maintenance, and automotive equipment comprise 80% of the costs invested to provide the funeral service you select.

Don't Be Fooled By Deceptive
Funeral Price Advertising!

Comparing funeral prices?
Be sure you're comparing
apples to apples”.
Don't let television ads with
fancy charts mislead you!

There are funeral homes advertising funerals for less than $2,600.00 - to get you in the door, but when completing arrangements, you'll discover that the advertised price does not include: casket, limousine, motorcycle escort, or memorial package (guest register book and acknowledgement cards). Add those items, and the funeral price will likely come close to $6,000.00. And that total does not include cemetery costs, newspaper obituary, flowers, and other outside charge items.

Diehl-Whittaker Offers Simplified, Package Pricing!

We believe that funeral service does not have to be overpriced Ė and that our pricing should be easy to understand. We offer a simplified selection process, affordable package pricing, a convenient location, the warm comfortable atmosphere of our facility, and the latest in automotive equipment. For as low as $3,895.00*, our Affordable Care Funeral Service Package includes the following:

Upgrades are available to
The Affordable Care
Funeral Service Package

in a range of price points.

We will never try to sell you something that you donít want Ė or need.

Thatís a promise!

  • Premium Steel Casket
  • Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Removal of the Deceased from Place of Death (local)
  • Embalming
  • Standard Restoration and Cosmetics
  • Dressing and Casketing
  • Visitation and Viewing
  • Funeral Ceremony
  • Hearse Transportation to Cemetery (local)
  • Limousine Service (local)
  • Motorcycle Escort
  • Memorial Package
  • “Book of Memories” Online Memorial
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