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Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

Pre-Arrange Now!
Funeral Cost Protection Plan

Peace of Mind For Your Family

The loss of a loved one is always a source of grief and emotional strain. You may have undergone the stress of arranging a funeral service for a family member and decided to pre-plan your own funeral, relieving your loved ones from the decision-making pressure at a time of anguish and confusion.

The Choice Becomes Yours

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. By pre-arranging, you and your family can discuss, in advance and without pressure, what type of funeral service best suits your personal wishes. Pre-arranging eliminates second-guessing, and reduces the possibility of emotional family disagreements about what your preferences are. You will be assured that what you want will be carried out as planned.

The Funeral Cost Protection Plan...
Funeral Insurance for You

The lack of life insurance or adequate savings is often a major cause of additional stress for the families who lose loved ones have passed. When you choose the Funeral Cost Protection Plan, youíre buying funeral insurance! By purchasing funeral insurance now, you can eliminate future uncertainty and stress. It costs only a few dollars a week, without credit checks or medical exams, and funeral insurance guarantees the cost of mortuary services you choose against future increases. And, if the worst happens, it may pay for the service youíve arranged, even if you havenít completed the payments.

The following page has a simple form that will help us discover your specific needs and requirements. Please click here to begin pre-planning for a loved one - or for yourself.

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